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AiLati was born in 2005, founded by Federico de Majo. This brand was born with its own specific identity in the decorative and technical fields, combining aesthetic research with the use of the most innovative technological standards of the new generation LED. This Italian design brand offers collections which, optimizing the possibilities offered by new materials and technologies, combine glass art and technology . AiLati products have a strong functional as well as aesthetic value. There are two main product areas: a new series of painted die-cast aluminum lamps with LED light source and a vast range of products featuring the use of satin opal glass.

They are part of its wide range of products: Recessed Spotlight, Wall Lamps, Table Lamps and much more.

The innovative approach to concept and product makes AiLati a recognizable brand, with its own strong identity on the decorative and technical lighting market . Product innovation is pursued through continuous experimentation, always oriented towards the search for functionality.

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