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Electrical and Thermo-hydraulic Material for Home and Office

Find the quality material for your home or office. We stock a huge range of electrical and plumbing equipment, including cables, bulbs, pipes, valves and much more. We are proud to offer high quality products at competitive prices. Buy your electrical and thermo-hydraulic material from us now!

Electric cables

Choose from our wide range of high quality electrical cables in all sizes. Abb have copper cables, flame retardant cables, twisted pair cables and rubber insulated cables. Find the right cable for your application!

Light bulbs

Are you looking for a suitable light bulb for your home or office? Abb carry a wide range of quality bulbs, including LED bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, halogen bulbs and energy saving bulbs. Find the right bulb for you!

Pipes and Valves

We offer a large selection of plumbing pipes and valves. Abb have PVC pipes, steel pipes, copper pipes and polypropylene pipes. Abb also have ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves and much more. Find the right product for your needs!

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