Telephony: electrical and thermo-hydraulic material

Our range of electrical and plumbing and heating equipment for telephones contains everything you need to meet your needs. We offer a wide selection of products for mobile phones, internet and network systems, both internal and external. We specialize in cables, connectors, harnesses, switches, routers, accessories and more.

Cables, connectors and harnesses

Cables, connectors and harnesses are an essential part of the telephone system. Our assortment of quality brands includes data cables, phone cables, connectors, adapters, plugs, phone jacks, sockets, plugs, sheaths and harnesses. Our selection of ethernet cables, power cables and signal cables have been carefully selected to offer the best quality and reliability.

Switches, routers and accessories

Our switches and routers are designed to offer a reliable and fast connection. Abb have a large selection of quality brands offering superior performance for your home or business environment. We also offer a variety of telephony accessories including power supplies, network adapters, antennas, amplifiers, switches, repeaters, splitters and much more.

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