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The Air Conditioner WiFi Module allows you to control your air conditioners via a wireless connection. The device is simple to install and allows you to control the air conditioner at any time with a smartphone or tablet . You can set a timer to turn the air conditioner on or off at a specific time to save energy. It also monitors the room temperature so you can adjust the air conditioner to maintain a comfortable temperature. The WiFi module for air conditioner is a very useful and convenient device to use.

Wifi Modules Air Conditioners, LG, Universal etc

Browse our catalog and choose the Wifi Module for your air conditioner , our modules are suitable for any type of air conditioner.

The Wifi module for remote control allows you to comfortably manage the air conditioner at any time of the day, wherever you are, thus having the opportunity to find an already air-conditioned environment as soon as you return home, all via smartphone, tablet and pc .

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