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Switches, sockets, inserts, plates, inverters and diverters

Bticino Matix presents itself with its simple plates and elegant controls, producing a wide range of switches, buttons and electrical sockets.

The plates have colors divided into 5 types:

  • Colors - with the largest variety of colors
  • Galvanics - available in gold, chrome and nickel colors
  • Whites - easily adaptable to the most classic wall colors
  • Textures - classic and neutral colors
  • Metallics - metallic effect

All Bticino Matix products are compatible with any type of internal environment: home, shop and work activity.

The Bticino Matix front plates are available in the 2-module, 3-module, 4-module and 6-module versions, in order to manage the necessary number of switches and buttons from a single location.

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