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The Video Surveillance Kit is a combination of devices that allow you to monitor a certain area. It includes one or more cameras, a video storage device, and a monitor or recorder. The cameras are able to capture the real-time images from a certain area and transmit them to the storage device or monitor. The storage device stores the images captured by the cameras, while the monitor or recorder allows you to view the images in real time. The video surveillance kit is a valuable tool for the security of a home, shop or commercial facility.

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In this section, you will find a wide range of professional video surveillance kits , of various brands and of any type, with which you can protect yourself from possible theft.

Take advantage of your professional video surveillance system, in public places but also in private apartments. Thanks to the HD resolution cameras, which allow you to view the images in the recorder perfectly, being able to check the images from afar , even via your smartphone.

If you are looking for an affordable burglar alarm for your home, office or business, this is the right place.

Anti-theft system at the best prices, find them online only from us. Buy in Installments, and pay when you want.

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